Three Goats, a Plane and the Meaning of the Mountain

Compact and perfectly formed CG short created in four weeks by Corentin Yvergniaux, Juan Olarte, and Léo Brunel – three fourth-year students at French 3D animation school MoPA (formerly Supinfocom Arles) around the theme of “Fear of heights.”

Yvergniaux, Olarte, and Brunel are also known as the directing collective MegaComputeur.

La légende de la chèvre qui connaissait le vrai sens de la montagne | STASH MAGAZINE

School: MoPA
Corentin Yvergniaux: Goats modeling, third goat’s fur grooming/shading
Juan Olarte: Mountain modeling/texturing, fur of the two first goats grooming/shading
Léo Brunel: Goats rigging/animation, fur simulation

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