Stash issue 152 trailer preview | STASH MAGAZINE
CRUSH Short Film by MegaComputeur | STASH MAGAZINE

“CRUSH” Short Film by MegaComputeur

Passion Pictures directing collective MegaComputeur, whose previous short films have explored the untold terrors of doughnuts and poker night at the North Pole, turn their singular comedic sense to a tale of two old alpine cable cars and the scrap dealer who will decide their fate. [Watch]

Waitrose & John Lewis Give A Little Love Christmas commercial 2020 | STASH MAGAZINE

Waitrose & John Lewis “Give A Little Love”

Following on from their wonderful 2019 Christmas spot, UK retailers John Lewis and Waitrose lift spirits once more with this multi-technique ode to kindness and charity by Pulse director Oscar Hudson and eight artist/animators. [Watch]

France Alzheimer ‘The Sailors’ commercial by MegaComputeur | STASH MAGAZINE

France Alzheimer “The Sailors” by MegaComputeur

Passion directors MegaComputeur, best known for their sharp comedic work, steer a more serious course here creating a marine metaphor for the disorientation and fear that Alzheimer’s can cause patients and their families. [Watch]

Stash 138 preview | STASH MAGAZINE
r Sucré short film by MegaComputeur | STASH MAGAZINE

The Many Terrors of Sweet Pleasure

Young French directing collective MegaComputeur specialize in mining comedy from the depths of human weakness and translating it into CG mayhem. Happily, their new personal project “Plaisir Sucré” continues that tradition. [Watch]