Gorillaz Enter a New Dimension with “Cracker Island ft. Thundercat” Music Video

Formed in 1998, Gorillaz were not the first virtual band (see Alvin and the Chipmunks, 1958) but certainly the coolest and now, almost 25 years later, the quartet moves into a new phase with this mix of 3D and live-action directed by co-founder Jamie Hewlett and Nexus Studios’ Fx Goby.

Fx Goby: “Gorillaz’s iconic and groundbreaking legacy hugely inspired my early animation career. I was thrilled to partner with them to create this blend of live action and animation, and knew we would need the perfect balance between stylized and realistic.

“I couldn’t be happier with the sculpt and textures both faithful to the design but very much their own version. It was a privilege to work with 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel not only in 3D but in this wild new era.”
Gorillaz Cracker Island Thundercat Music Video FX Goby | STASH MAGAZINE

Gorillaz Cracker Island Thundercat Music Video FX Goby | STASH MAGAZINE

Gorillaz Cracker Island Thundercat Music Video FX Goby | STASH MAGAZINE

Gorillaz Cracker Island Thundercat Music Video FX Goby | STASH MAGAZINE
Artist: Gorillaz

Production: Nexus Studios
Director: Jamie Hewlett, Fx Goby
EP: Jamie Hewlett, Damon Albarn
Nexus EP: Charlotte Bavasso, Chris O’Reilly, Mike Bell
CG Leads: Dave Hunt & Florian Casper
VFX Supervisor/Compositing Lead: Germán Díez
Director of Photography: Ricky Patel
Editor: Dave Slade
Producer: Jo Bierton
Production Manager: Ruyi Meer
Production Coordinator: Tyler Antin
PA: Megan Silvester
Storyboard Artist: Rodrigo Aquino Verdun
Character Modeler: Andy Hickinbottom
3D Generalist: Andy Spence
Rigger: Niko Rossi, Nayla Nassar
Modeler/Texture Artist: Catarina Loja
Pipeline TD: Tom Melson
Animators: Fabrice Fiteni, Marylou Mao, Tom Lowe, Fatih Dogan
Lead Lighter: Carl Kenyon
Lighting/Rendering: Pawel Adamiec, Rodi Kaya, Daniel Prince
Lead Compositor; Sacha Danjou
Compositor: Gareth Tredrea, Sander Saks, Hiral Kawa, Alexey Viatvud, Gourav Kumar, Simran Arora, Osman Baloglu
VFX Editor: Andrea Zantiras, Zaki Fulford
Designer/Matte Painter: Milan Baulard, Callum Strachan, Paul Campion
Designer: Ieuan Lewis
2D VFX Animator: Bethany Levy
3D VFX: Paul Mitcheson
Motion Graphics Designer: Nathan Bayliss
Head of Resources: Natalie Busuttil
Resource Manager: Gigi Kohut
Resource Coordinator: Meg Dupont
Archive Producer: Lisa Savage
Sound FX Designer: JM Finch

Grade: Black Kite Studios
Colorist: George K
Colour Assist: Thomas Kumeling
Colour Producer: Jade Denn

Service Production: Tuna Icon
EP: Ivana Antic
Line Producer: Diana Bojovic
Production Manager: Kristina Markovic
Production Coordinator: Jovana Krnic
Casting Coordinator: Igor Milakov
Key PA: Iva Masic
1st AD: Ivan Grbin
2nd AD: Ratko Obrenov
3rd AD: Danilo Cekovic
Production Designer: Goran Joksimovic
PD Assistant: Livija Mikic
Picture vehicle Coordinator: Dejan Kokot
SFX Supervisor: Zamal M’Barek
Costume Stylist: Ivana Ivic
Stylist Assistants: Ivana Djurkovic & Sofija Jaksic
Hair Stylist: Vasilisa Maljm
Makeup Artist: Irena Miletic
Makeup Artist Assistant: Galina Yurkevych
Makeup Artist Thundercat: Irene Leon
Key Grip: Ivan Lekovic
Gaffer: Igor Pavlovic
Light desk operator: Nikola Uzelac
Focus puller: Milan Kostic
2nd AC: David Kostic
Video Assist: Željko Nikolic
Q-take: Ivan Tanaskovic
DIT: Jovan Nikolic
Playback operator: Srdjan Bajski
Unit Manager: Oliver Rnjak
Transport Coordinator: Miodrag Jovicic

Spanish Production Service: AzuL
Producer: Lyndsay Fields
Line Producer: Sol Jonas Mackinlay
PA: Judith Gómez
Production Runner: Juanma Romera
Focus Puller: Rafael Miralles
Video Operator: Victor Rodríguez
DIT: Eduardo Jiménez
Gaffer: Albert Álvarez
Wireless Tech: Martí Pluma
Spark: Pablo Perez
Wardrobe Assistant: Cyntia Rodriguez

Eleven Management: Niamh Byrne, Regine Moylett, Tanyel Vahdettin, Stars Redmond, Astrid Ferguson, Gabriele Power, Ellie Nolan, Aston New, Katherine Nash, Suzi Grossman, Selena Dion, Clare Moss, Hannah Norris

Thanks: Thundercat, Dom Smith, Alison Smith, Josh Berman.