Gorillaz “Silent Running” Music Video by Jamie Hewlett and Fx Goby

Nexus Studios director Fx Goby and Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett are back at it with a new music video that merges the animated quartet with pyrotechnics and prosthetics into a creepy/comic slice of fun.

Here’s a word from the team at Nexus in London to help you make sense of it all: “Early last year the Gorillaz relocated to Silver Lake, California, where their new mansion home in the hills proved to be the perfect base from which to recruit new members to join ‘The Last Cult’.

“Early reports indicated that The Great Leader AKA Murdoc is not only in love with the lady next door, but has a new scent, bottled as his own Divine Essence. Russel is glued to the TV in an effort to salvage some meaning from the static and save humanity, while Noodle is compiling a handbook of wisdom and knowledge. 2D is busy being 2D.

“With the band in search of the One Truth to fix the world (and Murdoc out to impress his neighbor), they are barrelling towards a prophesized day of reckoning called The Rupture. What this is, and the fate of the band itself is revealed in the ‘Silent Running’ video.”
Gorillaz Silent Running Music Video Jamie Hewlett Fx Goby Nexus | STASH MAGAZINE

Gorillaz Silent Running Music Video Jamie Hewlett Fx Goby Nexus | STASH MAGAZINE

Gorillaz Silent Running Music Video Jamie Hewlett Fx Goby Nexus | STASH MAGAZINE

Gorillaz Silent Running Music Video Jamie Hewlett Fx Goby Nexus | STASH MAGAZINE

Gorillaz Silent Running Music Video Jamie Hewlett Fx Goby Nexus | STASH MAGAZINE
Artist: Gorillaz

Production: Nexus Studios
Director: Jamie Hewlett, Fx Goby
EP: Jamie Hewlett, Damon Albarn

London Studio
Executive Producers: Charlotte Bavasso & Chris O’Reilly, Mike Bell, Fx Goby
CG Supervisor: Dave Hunt
VFX Supervisor: Germán Díez
Director of Photography: Ricky Patel
Lead Compositor: Sacha Danjou
Editor: Dave Slade
Producer: Isobel Conroy, Jo Bierton
Production Manager: Ruyi Meer
Production Coordinator: Tyler Antin
Head of Pipeline: Tom Melson
Systems Engineer: Ryan Cawthorne
Character Modeller: Andrew Hickinbottom
Character Texture Artist: Florian Caspar
Lead 3D Animator: William Lorton
3D Animators: Marylou Mao, Tom Lowe
3D Generalist: Josh Barlow, Matilde Vinther
2DFX Animator: Bethany Levy
Compositors: Sander Saks, Gareth Tredrea
Storyboard Artists: Emmanuelle Walker, Louis Kynd
Lead Rigger: Niko Rossi
Rigger: Nayla Nassar
VFX Editors: Andrea Zantiras, Zaki Fulford
Designer: Ieuan Lewis
Creative & Talent Development: Delfina Maria
Head of Production: Rachel Moss
Head of Resourcing: Natalie Busuttil
Studio Resourcing Coordinator: Meg Dupont
Studio Systems Administrator: Rory Bedward
IT Support: Vinicius Donadio
PR & Marketing: Valentina Tarelli, Nancy Edmondson, Steph Anjo

Sydney Studio
Executive Creative Producer: Darren Price
Executive Producer: Tina Braham
Producer: Diana Angelius
Head of Studio: Ben Seager
IT Manager: Jason Yee
Head of 2D: Gary Fouchy
Lead Compositor: Navid Bagherzadeh
Compositor: Mat McCosker, Daniel Alvarez, Chris Charlton
Digital Matte Painter: Jamie Phillips
Junior Compositor: Wendy Lu
Head of Lighting: Mike Lomas
Lighting: Trent Rogan, Cosmo Park

3D Tracking: Peanut
Roto: Team VFX Artist

Live Action Service Production: Tuna Icon
Executive Producer: Ivana Antic
Line Producer: Diana Bojovic
Production Manager: Janko Djoric
Production Coordinators: Igor Milakov, Jovana Krnic
PAs: Tara Koljkovic, Aleksandar Jelic
1st AD: Ivan Grbin
2nd AD: Boris Obrenov
Production Designer: Goran Joksimovic
PD Assistants: Nevena Mijuskovic, Izabela Radovanovic
SFX Coordinator: Zamal M’Barek
Costume Stylist: Ivana Ivic
Stylist Assistants: Ivana Djuric, Sofija Jaksic
Hair Stylist: Jelena Dujovic
Makeup Artist: Irena Miletic
Lead Prosthetic makeup artists: Katarina Bugarski Gajic, Nenad Gajic
Prosthetics (workshop): Kosta Kolaric, Kristina Tekic, Milan Mihailovic
1st assistant prosthetic makeup artist: Olga Baturan
2nd assistant prosthetic makeup artist: Teodora Davidovic
3rd assistant prosthetic makeup artist: Nikola Rakovic
Key Grip: Ivan Lekovic
Gaffer: Igor Pavlovic
Light Desk Operator: Nikola Uzelac
Stunt Supervisor: Slavisa Ivanovic
Rigging: Djole Alavanja
Tras Coordinator: Pedja Mos
Focus Puller: Milan Kostic
2nd AC: Nikola Cojcic
Video Assistant: Zeljko Nikolic
Q-take: Ivan Tanaskovic
DIT: Jovan Nikolic
Playback Operator: Aleksa Racic
Unit Manager: Oliver Rnjak
Transport Coordinator: Nikola Kopilanovic
Stunts: Jelena Bakovic, Dejan Popadic

Grade: Black Kite Studios
Colorist: George K
Color Assist: Billy Dawson
Color Producer: Jade Denne

Sound FX Designer: JM Finch
Additional Sound FX elements recorded at Brain Audio

Cast: 2D, Noodle, Russel Hobbs, Murdoc Niccals

Supporting Cast: Milica Tepavac, Dejan Kolarov, Jelena Tjapkin, Budimir Stosic, Anisja Stojkovic, Ljubica Ikic, Dimitrij Ponkratenko