Heineken Campaign Looks to “Refresh Your Music”

Le Cube director Ralph Karam channels graphic styles from comic books to 60s psychedelia in this exuberant series of spots celebrating the diversity of modern music scenes for Heineken thru BBH Singapore.

Ralph Karam: “In terms of art direction, we took inspiration from different cartoons and comic book styles, including Christy Marx, Ed Piskor, and Sean Murphy. We even snuck in our own take on Sean Murphy’s most classic work.

“We applied visual styles that represented the musical genres that were portrayed. For jazz, we went with a crisp black-and-white color scheme and stylized linework. For hard rock, we incorporated the psychedelic Fillmore-posters style.

“Just like the challenges posed when remixing different musical genres, the most challenging aspect for us was how to establish harmony while including so many different art styles. Luckily, we could count on an incredibly versatile team of illustrators to make each style unique, while maintaining harmony across the board.”
Jazz vs Punk

K-Pop vs Rap

Indie vs World Music

Client: Heineken

Agency: BBH Singapore, Le Pub, Leo Burnett Vietnam

Production: Final Frontier
Executive Producer: Chris Colman, Gus Karam, Yanyie Tran

Animation: Le Cube
Director: Ralph Karam
Executive Producer: Fernanda Soma, Eva Amuchastegui
Line Producer: Sofia Arissian, Eric Zheng
Animation Director: Federico Radero
Art Director: Santiago Oddis
Illustrators: Lucas Andreu, Gianluca Patti, Emilia Calvo, Alejandro, Durty Gonzalez, Jose Elgueta, Nahuel Sagarnaga, Juan Barabani, Nahuel Rollan
Compositing Supervisor: Adrián Mirandeborde
Compositor: Adrián Mirandeborde, Fernando Lamattina, Alcides Izaguirre, Lui Nogueira
2D Animation/Tie Down: Appétit
3D Modeling/Shading/Lighting: Lui Nogueira, Fernando Lamattina, Agostina Carrera, Leo Dias, Juan Martin
Clean-Up Supervisor: Laura Desmery
Clean Up: Appétit, Facundo García, Juan Natch, Julieta Soloaga, Melisa Pighin, Clara Chini, Marcela Chiban, Nicolas Quintar Riboli

Music/Sound Design: MassiveMusic

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