Honda “The Finish Line is Never the End” by Mainframe

Mainframe founder and director Adam Jenns in London: “Digitas approached Mainframe in July with a follow up to the Powered by Honda film we made with them earlier in 2019.

“After the success of that film and the amazing popularity online, Honda and Digitas were keen to re-visit the world Mainframe created and take it to the next level. Digitas wrote an amazing script following the key Formula 1 moments in Honda’s history.

“While the style was fairly well locked down from the last film there were some new challenges with the F1 cars needing to be highly accurate to their real-life versions including logo placements.

“Mainframe also had to develop a much wider array of environments going through five different locations including many of the shots requiring animating crowds.

“The schedule required a speedy workflow so we used the same team as the previous project. Mainframe’s lead 3d artist, Jonathan May directed the film.”
Client: Honda Racing F1

Agency: Digitas UK

Production: Mainframe
Director/lead 3D: Jonathan May
Producer: Philip Archer
3D artists: Duncan Tune, Marcus Fernandes, Roger Chiaw, Nick Lyons, Richard Payne, Mike Tyler, Diogo Dias
Cel animation: Josep Bernaus Valls