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HouseSpecial Adapts Short into Spot for Animation Jobs

The number of job titles may not be complete, but this new spot for job aggregation site Indeed (adapted by HouseSpecial from their award-winning CG short “A Tale of Momentum & Inertia”) is guaranteed to make your uncle Gene chuckle and ask “What the hell’s a compositor?” Agency: Mullen.

The spot:

The original short:

Spot credits:

Agency: Mullen

Production/Animation Company: HouseSpecial

Creative Director: Kirk Kelley

Executive Producer: Lourri Hammack

Animation Director: Dan Casey

Senior Producer: Zilpha Yost

Production Coordinator: Alix Iverson

Designer: Alan Cook

Lead Editor: Michael Corrigan

Flame Artist: Rex Carter

Nuke Compositing/Lighting Artist: Matthew Reslier

Animator: Greg Kyle

Editor: Cam Williams

Assistant Editor: Dino Coons

Production Assistant: Emma Van Halsema


Film credits:

Production/Animation Company: HouseSpecial

Kirk Kelley, Creative Director

Kameron Gates, Director

From an Original Story by Allan Turner and Kameron Gates

Executive Producer: Lourri Hammack

Producer: Zilpha Yost

Production Coordinator: Jamie Pulliam, Julie Ragland, Evan Smith

Animator: Wendy Fuller, Kameron Gates, Greg Kyle, Chris Ohlgren, Allan Steele

Matte Painter: Don Flores, Kameron Gates, Saira Matthews

Character Designer: Kameron Gates

Environment Designer: Ian Abando, Pascal Campion, Don Flores, Joshua Harvey

Storyboard Artist: Kameron Gates

Technical Director: Chris Immroth, Terence Jacobson, Patrick Van Pelt

Modeling: Michael Berger, Chris Ohlgren, Allan Steele, Josh Tonnesen

Texture Artist: Jeff Gipson, Saira Mathew, Sari Rodrig, Josh Tonnesen

Character Set-up: Terence Jacobson

Lighting Artist: Thane Hawkins, Matt Reslier

Rigger: Terence Jacobson

FX: Rogerio Mendes, Karl Richter, Patrick Van Pelt

Opening Titles: Jose Diaz

Editor: Steve Miller

Flame Artist: Rex Carter

Flint Artist: Leif Peterson

Post Production Manager: Cam Williams

Tape Op: Travis Ezell

Scheduler: Melissa Tvetan

Sound Design and Mix: Lance Limbocker