Hyundai IONIQ5 Launch Films by 2grey

2grey studio in Seoul, South Korea just swerved onto the Stash radar with a series of tastefully upbeat films highlighting various features of the IONIQ5, Hyundai’s new all-electric compact crossover electric vehicle.

2grey: “While proceeding from the creative to production on 20 videos, we tried to solve it with various expression techniques, creative, and trendy direction.

“We wanted to convey information and messages in a sensational way by taking advantage of the strengths of motion graphics.”
Sustainable Materials

Fractal Wheel

Flexible Space

Pixel Light


Client: Hyundai

Production: 2grey
Director: 2grey
Creative Director: Minhyuk Jang
Motion Graphic Supervisor: Hyunjong Kim, Woojin Cho, Motion team, Houdini team, Hyeongsuk Kang, Jaehee Jung, Haeseom Cho
Asset Supervisor: Soyeun Lee

Sound: Smider