Is Coca-Cola Zero Sugar the “Best Coke Ever?”

The creative team at Buenos Aires agency Mercado McCann lets loose with a flurry of techniques and styles in these irreverent spots, the anchors of a new global campaign for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

Juan Pablo Lufrano and Nicolás Massimino, executive creative directors at Mercado McCann: “Sugar-free drinks are usually shy compared to their original version, but we try to put that shyness aside. We feel that the product is at a time when we could ask a simple question but that says a lot: What if now Coca-Cola Zero is, for many people, the best Coca-Cola EVER?

“The Hero launch spot and ‘Debate’ were produced by Rebolución and directed by Los Pérez, while ‘Dino’ and ‘Neighbors’ were produced by REINO. All assets have music by Papa Music.”


Post/VFX: Bitt Animation
Post coordinator: Arthur Delerue, Lali Rodriguez

Client: Coca-Cola

Agency: Mercado McCann
Chief Creative Office: Martín Mercado
Executive Creative Director: Juan Pablo Lufrano, Nicolás Massimino
Creatives: Edwin Bowen, Manuel Scher, Marina Stern
Head Of Art: Alejandro Isturiz
Head Of Digital: Silvia Molina
Chief of Production: Agustín Borgognoni
Producer: Rosario Rodriguez Cappa
Editor: Lluís Murúa Marín, Jose Lemme

Production (Hero launch spot, “Debate”):Rebolución
Director: Los Pérez

Production (“Dino” and “Neighbors”): REINO

Sountrack: Papa Music
Sound: Porta Estudio