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Johannes Schiehsl “366 Days”

Medicate yourself against the mad materialism of the season with this thoughtful and wonderfully low-key graduation short by Austrian director/animator Johannes Schiehsl and crew which just finished it’s tour of over 70 festivals.

Johannes Schiehsl: “The story was inspired by my own experiences as a paramedic in Vienna, that I had to do since I refused to serve within the Austrian army. The film was created in 18 months using Maya and V-Ray at the renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Since graduating, Schiehsl, Benjamin Swiczinsky, and Conrad Tambour founded the Vienna animation studio Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm to focus on “narrative animated films and the creation of authentic and intelligent animated characters for film and television.”

Written & directed by
Johannes Schiehsl

Voice actors
Zivi, narrator – Hosea Ratschiller
Driver – Peter Hörmanseder

Johannes Schiehsl
Thorsten Löffler

Johannes Schiehsl
Max Lang

Dominic Eise
Harry Fast
Jacob Frey
Julia Ocker
Johannes Schiehsl
Moritz Schneider
Michael Schulz
Conrad Tambour
Monika Tenhündfeld

Character TD
Parzival Röthlein

Johannes Schiehsl
Monika Tenhündfeld
Conrad Tambour
Julia Ocker

Layout, Lighting & Rendering
Johannes Schiehsl

Compositing Script Artist
Jan Lachauer

Additional Shading
Björn Mantelars

Music & Sounddesign
Alexander L. Zlamal

Foley Artist
Martin Kerschbaum

A Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg production 2011
Prof. Thomas Haegele

Dramatic advisor
Prof. Andreas Hykade

Thanks to
Richard Laub (ORF)
Ged Haney
Conrad Tambour
Julia Ocker
Hosea Ratschiller
Peter Hörmanseder
Sabine Hirtes
David Maas
Clemens Conditt
Julia Kaiser
Jan Lachauer
Björn Mantelars
Karsten Wagenknecht
Benjamin Swiczinsky
Jakob Schuh
Johannes Weiland
Tom Sittler
Nicolas Palme
my family!

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