Juan Cabral and MPC: IKEA “BED”

A solid idea from Mother London and bang-on execution from MJZ director Juan Cabral and a crew of 15 MPC VFX artists keeps IKEA’s ‘The Wonderful Everyday’ campaign going with this very-watchable spot which gains even more altitude via Prunella Scales’ reading from “The Tempest.”

The MPC team, led by 2D creative director Bill McNamara, spent their time “creating detailed matte paintings, adding CG beds and embellishments and compositing elements including the NASA rocket and plume. A selection of the wide shots were created by filming a skydiver and removing the parachute pack, while many of the shots were filmed against green screen with the sky and various surroundings composited in the studio.”
Agency: Mother

Production Company: MJZ
Director: Juan Cabral
Production Company Producer: Stephen Johnson
DOP: Eric Gautier
Editor: Neil Smith @ Work Post

VFX Producer: Julie Evans
2D Creative Director: Bill McNamara
VFX Shoot Supervisor: Jim Radford
Colourist: Jean-Clément Soret