“A Drop” Short Film by Julien Vanhoenacker

Sweeping and spectacular CG environments frame a man’s descent and return in this short called “A Drop” from Julien Vanhoenacker, a director and VFX artist working at The Post Bangkok in Thailand.

Julien Vanhoenacker: “The main motivation behind this short film is to create a movie that has a strong visual narrative and yet leave the audience free to understand it in their own way.

“More than free interpretation, the film balances itself between multiple meanings and ideas and ultimately forces the viewers to make their own choices. This involvement, this tipping of the balance engages the spectators and from the scope of themes addressed in the film let them shape the story in their personal way.”

“We used the latest RED Dragon camera from Fast Time productions. VS Services and Pete Pithai Smithsuth as DOP at the head of his crew are the key to shoot and light this film.

“The Jaika stunt team provides all the necessary equipment and studio to shoot our talent flying and defying gravity, and Alex Winters, the central figure of the story, gives a remarkable performance despite danger and physical pain.”
Bangkok Post A Drop | STASH MAGAZINE

Bangkok Post A Drop | STASH MAGAZINE

Bangkok Post A Drop | STASH MAGAZINE

Director: Julien Vanhoenacker
Producer: Claire Teng, Ankit Laxmi Vajpayee, Honey Sarinnaree Khumaiumcharean
DOP: Pete Pithai Smithsuth

Music/Sound: Nicolas Vitte

Starring: Alex Winters, Markus Waldow, Adriane Maiolino, Anastasia Shevchenko, Ann Krav

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