Andres Rossi Kasana | STASH MAGAZINE

Kasana and Andres Rossi Studio: “Life Cycles”

Buenos Aires motion and VFX studio Kasana teams with fellow Argentinian Andres Rossi for 90 seconds of mesmerizing abstraction they call “Life Cycles” with music and sound design by Lucas Totino Tedesco at Hula.

Andres Rossi: “After collaborating on a couple projects we realized it could be great to do some experimental work together. I live in a place surrounded by mountains and I wanted to do something related to nature, life, something primal. So there we started.

“I was in charge of design and art direction and Roberto of animation and compositing but everything was discussed and agreed together. So it was a very collaborative process. It took a few months, knowing that we had to give priority to the other projects for our clients we both had going on.

“And this was really positive. It’s different when you are able to let the piece rest, because that distance gives you a better judgment of what you’ve done.”

Directed by Roberto Connolly & Andres Rossi
Animation and compositing: Roberto Connolly
Art direction and design: Andres Rossi
Music and sound design: Lucas Totino Tedesco @