Kroger “Get Low” Commercial by Cesar Pelizer and Hornet

From the release:

The spot is called “Get Low.” And thanks to a throwback Flo Rida tune and some cheerful comedic direction from Hornet Director César Pelizer, the :30-second ad is about as feel-good as a Golden Retriever puppy at a frisbee convention.

This commercial is the latest in an increasingly long line of endearing and entertaining spots we’ve been delighted to create alongside DDB New York for Kroger over the last year.

As a refresher: Last November, Kroger underwent a massive company rebrand. In addition to a new logo and slogan, they launched a mass media campaign that included a total overhaul of their visual identity.

A big part of this visual identity was a cast of original characters created by Hornet’s César Pelizer that would at once be appealing to, and representative of, the diversity of Kroger’s millions of customers — not to mention supportive of their “Fresh for Everyone” message.
Kroger Get Low commercial by Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Kroger Get Low commercial by Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Kroger Get Low commercial by Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Kroger Get Low commercial by Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Kroger Get Low commercial by Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: Kroger

Agency: DDB New York

Production: Hornet
Director: César Pelizer
Executive Producer: Alex Unick
Producer: Hanna Smith-Ide
Head of Creative Development: Kristin Labriola
Senior Editor: Anita Chao
CG Lead & Art Director: Corey Langelotti
Storyboards: Sami Healy
Assistant Editor: Olivia Sack, Minseok Kim
Animator: Tom Sheck, Meg Oswalt, Andrew Boccio
Rigger: Josh Planz
Modeler: Angeline Rivera
Lighting/Look Dev: Jamil Primas, Susie Hong, Natalia Perez
Lighting/Compositing: Christine Kim, Rich Kim, Chrisy Baek, Michael Lampe, Ali Jamali
Production Coordinator Nikki Knight, Riley Spencer

6 Responses to “Kroger “Get Low” Commercial by Cesar Pelizer and Hornet”
  1. Mary says:

    I love your low low Kroger commercials especially the bald, bearded dressed in brown character that reminds me of a cousin. My 2 year old granddaughter loves your low low commercials too! She stops what she is doing, smiles and points to the tv when the low low commercial comes on. 👍😀

  2. LaFaid Johnson says:

    This is one of the most creative yet effective ads I have seen in a long time. It delivers a quick message with great levity while appealing to many age segments. Young people can relate to the the hip hop beat where older adults can appreciate the a novel way of driving home the message of low prices without hitting you over the head. It uses just enough of the song “Low” to be funky while remaining family friendly. You can always determine an ad’s effectiveness when you find yourself singing the jungle hours after you heard it. Exactly what you want when the customer is walking through the store. Well done!

  3. Chanté B. says:

    I LOVE this spot and have shared it. It makes me laugh and bop at the same time. Great job to you all for making this wonderfully happy spot. Low low low lol.

  4. Betsy Grimes says:

    What does SKBR mean on the girl’s t-shirt?

  5. Sharon Parrham says:

    I love the low low low Kroger commercial. It makes me smile each time I see it. Way to go for that advertising.

  6. Lee Dora Joplin says:

    I truly love each commercial they are excellent