Kyra & Constantin Craft a Little Joy for

Joy, the canine mascot for China’s largest retailer, does battle with a persistent mother heron in this sweet brand film directed with obvious affection by Kyra & Constantin at Passion Pictures thru

Co-director Constantin Paeplow: “We immediately fell in love with this energetic, adorable character and saw an opportunity to play with his innocence, and connect the audience with the company’s ethos in a genuine and meaningful way.

Katie Mackin, managing director at Passion Pictures in Melbourne: “From the outset, the client gave us real freedom – their sole ambition was to make a great film.

“And so began a truly collaborative process that saw Kyra & Constantin writing scripts and working extremely closely with and to realize this lovely story and reimagine this brand hero.” Joy and Heron | STASH MAGAZINE Joy and Heron | STASH MAGAZINE Joy and Heron | STASH MAGAZINE Joy and Heron | STASH MAGAZINE
Agency: Inc.
Creative Director: Kenneth Kuan
Producer: Nancy Wang

Production Company: Passion Pictures
Directors: Kyra & Constantin
Executive Producer: Katie Mackin
Producer: Fiona Fry, Sibylle Preuss

Music & Sound Mix: Nylon Studios
Sound Design: Nami Strack
Composer: Jesse Watt @ Nylon