Laundry Searches for Real Milk in a Sea of Imitators

With a flurry of animation styles (including 3D, 2D, cel, 8-bit, and photo-real CG) the Laundry crew pokes gentle fun at the ever-expanding torrent of milk imitators in the latest Got Milk? spot for the California Milk Processor Board.

Laundry ECD/co-founder PJ Richardson: “The brief fo this project was: no one makes real milk anymore, like Milk. So how do we share that truth with viewers? For us, it was a way to use creativity to illustrate the difference between real and fake, plus an opportunity to try creative techniques we had been eager to experiment.

“The creative and technical challenges centered around executing so many different styles and concepts (including shooting real bees) that would feel unique yet tie together in one cohesive way.

“One of the creative challenges was nailing the looks for each, and getting them to play in a clever and contrasting way next to each other but in a way that still flows well as a song-driven VO track.”

Laundry Studios Got Milk | STASH MAGAZINE

Laundry Studios Got Milk | STASH MAGAZINE

Laundry Studios Got Milk | STASH MAGAZINE

Laundry Studios Got Milk | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: California Milk Processor Board
Executive Director: Steve James

Agency: GALLEGOS United
Executive Creative Director: Pepe Aguilar
Creative Director: Cristián Costa

Production agency: Oak Leaf Productions
President: Daniel Marin
Executive Producer: Ilene Kramer
Director of Business Affairs: Diane DeLisa
Head of Post Production: Dave Garcia
Post Producer: Rob Romero
Music Supervisor: Ryan Fitch

Production: Laundry
ECD: Tony Liu
Art Director: Chris Armstrong
Executive Producer: Matthew Primm
Head of Production: Pip Malone
Senior Producer: Dean Marchand
Line Producer: Ryan Lacen, Anthony Baldino
Producer: Susie Kim
Associate Producer: Mihta Garan, Jon Rothstein, Nick Scandura

Music: Songs For Film & TV
Chief Creative Director: David Fisher
Composer: K.S. Rhoads