LEGO “Arts and Crafts” Campaign by Picturesmith

The team at Picturesmith in London teams with prodco Highly Unlikely and the LEGO Agency on a whimsical stop motion campaign to remind parents that LEGO is a great product for arts and crafts projects.

Picturesmith producer Charlie Blackman: “We used stop motion and hand pixelation to bring these spots to life, animating bricks dripping, pouring, splatting and being molded into shapes, from fruit to monsters and everything in between. The sets were stylized as fun maker spaces using purple for Arts and orange for Crafts to give each batch of videos a distinct look.

“We played with lighting to mimic the look of a kid’s bedroom with natural light pouring in through a window. The sets were dressed with artwork, including our creative director’s kid’s pieces, to create spaces that would belong to small up-and-coming artists.

“We spent six weeks in pre-production learning how to best work with our LEGO models. As part of our creative process, we used Maya and stop motion for previz. As our hand models were kids, everything was set up and planned meticulously to get the shots in time.

“We shot Arts and Crafts simultaneously on our two stages over a week and spent four weeks in post-production: editing, compositing, and color grading.”
LEGO Arts and Crafts Picturesmith | STASH MAGAZINE

LEGO Arts and Crafts Picturesmith | STASH MAGAZINE

LEGO Arts and Crafts Picturesmith | STASH MAGAZINE

LEGO Arts and Crafts Picturesmith | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: LEGO

Agency: The LEGO Agency
Creatives: Heidi Bennett, Simon Rønsholt
Producer: Rosie Evatt

Production: Highly Unlikely
Director: Picturesmith
EP: Alexander Davis
Producer: Marilyn Napaul
Production Manager: Mehreen Sheldon-Ahmed
DOP: Peter Ellmore
Gaffers: Jonathan Yates, Adam Bell
Animators: Arnau Gòdia Montesinos, Matthew Krasucki O’Dowd
Previz/compositing: James Muxworthy
Art department: Claire Smithson, Matthew Weeks, Lisa Ramberg, Lily Hopkins, Hannah Hopkins, Linus Hopkins
Hand models: Isabel Arunachalam, Linus Hopkins
Manicurist: Adina Kelley

Post/grade: Picturesmith

Music/sound design: Phonoteque