“Life #1” Art Film and Digital Gallery by Tendril

From the team at Tendril in Toronto: “Simulated life: moving, expanding, regenerating. This collaborative artwork was first displayed in the immersive theatre of AOI/Shoyu’s high-fidelity gallery and museum experience in the metaverse.

“It is the first part of an ongoing exploration of the algorithms and processes that guide how living things grow and the forms they will take.”

“Built in Unreal Engine, rendered in real-time on the cloud, and streamed to the web browser on any device, the gallery offers collectors, the public, and artists the ability to experience and showcase digital art, in a natively digital way.

“The project began with a prototype that we built in-house as an early proof of concept. We created a minimal, brutalist architectural space leading to a series of portals that transport the user to different spaces.

“We shared the prototype with a few colleagues and started putting out feelers. That led us by chance to meet AOI, a truly passionate collector, and amazing human being.

“Several months later, and after many iterations and testing, the immersive gallery went live with an impressive exhibition of NFTs from AOI’s collection, including several 3D sculptural works and an installation of Pong Red Arcade by Nolan Bushnell and Zai Ortiz.

“The full list of artists featured are Krista Kim, Grif, Eric Lefaure, Andrés Resinger, Lirona, Gavin Shapiro, Aphex Twin, Jake Fried, Laya Mathikshara, Jason Seife, XCOPY, Franksfriend, Fvckrender X Baeige, Andre Saraiva, Kid eight, Chewy Stoll, David OReilly, Raf Grasetti, Nolan Bushnell & Zai Ortiz, Tendril x Cypher.”

Watch the gallery tour…

Life 1 Art Film Tendril | STASH MAGAZINE

Life 1 Art Film Tendril | STASH MAGAZINE

Life 1 Art Film Tendril | STASH MAGAZINE

Life 1 Art Film Tendril | STASH MAGAZINE

Life 1 Art Film Tendril | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: AOI, Shoyu

Production: Tendril
Executive Producer: Ivelle Jargalyn
Creative Director: Chris Bahry
Producers: Emily McCallen, Georgie Patching
Production Coordinator: Jelena Sibalija
Lead Designer: Fede Kanno
Lead Unreal Engine Artist: Christian Hecht
Design & 3D Assets: Rafael Eifler, Rita Louro, Runbo Chen, Yeseong Kim
Lead Asset Prep: Ben Pilgrim
Early Concept/Prototype: Alvaro Navarro, Christian Hoffmann

UI/UX Consulting: Moonprism
UI Design: Gabriel Rocha

BAUD: Dimitrios Doukas, Miltiades Kotsarinis, Christos Triantafyllis

Generative Music/Sound Design: Cypher

Special Thanks: Vini Naso

life#1 Team

Creative Director: Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres
Executive Producer: Mary Anne Ledesma
Art Direction/Lead Design: Runbo Chen, Yeseong Kim
Houdini Simulations: Philipp Pavlov
Lighting/Render/Compositing: Brad Husband, Yeseong Kim, Chris Bahry

Music/Sound Design: Cypher

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