Microsoft Loop Product Film by NotReal

From the team at NotReal in Madrid and Buenos Aires: “Loop is a space to plan, think, and co-create. For the announcement of this brand new app, we created this video in coordination with the Microsoft product and marketing teams.

“We looked for ways to emphasize Loop’s collaborative nature and illustrate the many innovative ways in which people can use Loop with one another.

The challenge: Captivating Gen Z. The youngest and most ethnically diverse generation in history, this group is considered to be the most energetic and skilled, so we needed to reflect it in the visuals.

Our approach: To be visually engaging with varied levels and depths in the frames. Looking for a fresh, young, bold, ever-flowing, diverse, vibrant, and versatile tone of voice.

“Gradients, sleek colors, and curvy lines are mixed with clean environments. The images throughout the video are energetic and sensual. We are inside a work in progress, changing and evolving.”

Client: Microsoft
Team: Nando Costa, Nico Nuzzaci

Production: NotReal
Director: NotReal
Creative Director: Valeria Moreiro, Milton Gonzalez
Executive Producer: Roberto Connolly
Art Director: Valeria Moreiro
Animation Director: Milton Gonzalez
Line Producer: Lucila Mansur
Storyboard Artist: Joana Cabrera, Martin Orza
3D Designer: Flor Tasso, Linus Zoll, Josefina Llano, Vitor Teixeira, Philip Lück, Valeria Moreiro
Modeler: Juan Miyagi
2D Designer: Martin Orza, Manuela Caceres, Lu Borzi
3D Animator: Sergio Fuego, Oscar Pettersson, Macarena Mosquera, Phong Luong, Francisco Castro, Daniel Zucco, Milton Gonzalez
2D Animator: Martin Muerza, Joana Cabrera.
Renderer: Sergio Fuego, Milton Gonzalez
Compositing/Grade: Hernan Lindenbaum, Roberto Connolly, Milton Gonzalez

Sound Design: Zelig Sound

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