Midjourney Visualizes Literature for the Melbourne Writers Festival

The creative and production teams at TBWA\Melbourne recruit AI platform Midjourney to interpret passages from classic novels into powerful illustrations for this promotional campaign/art project for the Melbourne Writers Festival.

From TBWA\Melbourne: “Like most of the industry, when we first saw Midjourney, we experienced a momentary existential crisis. ‘What does this mean for creativity? Is it now out of human hands?’ The short answer is no, far from it.

“AI is an incredible creative tool. Even in the past weeks, we’ve seen huge leaps in visualization, composition, and lighting. But our partnership with the Melbourne Writers Festival shows the strength of beautiful writing – past, present and future.

“The campaign launched in conjunction with the Melbourne Writers Festival appearing in OOH and digital. In addition, illustrated ebooks of the classic novels, featuring further AI interpretations, are planned for release in the coming months.”


Client: Melbourne Writers Festival

Agency: TBWA\Melbourne
Production: TBWA\Melbourne

Illustrator: Midjourney