Aardman and Jungler Stage “McFarmer vs McRancher” Smackdown for McDonald’s

Paris prodco Jungler teams with director Will Studd and the stop-motion mavens at Aardman to frame up a slap-stick proxy burger battle for McDonald’s in France thru agency TBWA. [Watch]

McDonalds Libros Influencers REINO | STASH MAGAZINE

REINO Buenos Aires Plays it By the Book for McDonald’s Latin America

Agustín Torre and Andrés Álvarez, the director/co-founder duo heading up Buenos Aires animation studio REINO, deliver a joyful ode to the pleasures of reading in this spirited spot for McDonald’s airing across Latin America. [Watch]

Melbourne-Writers-Festival-Midjourney | STASH MAGAZINE

Midjourney Visualizes Literature for the Melbourne Writers Festival

The creative and production teams at TBWA\Melbourne recruit AI platform Midjourney to interpret passages from classic novels into powerful illustrations for this promotional campaign/art project for the Melbourne Writers Festival. [Watch]

Rick and Morty enter the Speedportal with Adidas | STASH MAGAZINE

Rick and Morty enter the Speedportal with Adidas

Toby Castle-Smith, copywriter at TBWA\NEBOKO in Amsterdam: “It’s one of these campaigns where you throw something at the wall thinking it is going to get a few laughs and fall off, but it sticks and a few months later we’re on weekly calls with the wonderful people at Adult Swim, and it all starts to come to life.” [Watch]

BMWi-Oasis-Brand-Films-FutureDeluxe | STASH MAGAZINE

BMWi Oasis Brand Films by FutureDeluxe

From the team at FutureDeluxe: “TBWA Shanghai and MOD Group approached FutureDeluxe to imagine six unique oasis environments, each one crafted to represent a key part of the BMWi brand.” [Watch]

Système U "Le Poisson Rouge" by Romain Chassaing and Digital District Chase | STASH MAGAZINE

The Chase is on for “Le Poisson Rouge”

Solab director Romain Chassaing and Paris VFX force Digital District conjure the epic quest of a young man entrusted with a child’s beloved goldfish in this comedy adventure for venerable French retail cooperative Système U. [Watch]