MPC Plays Dominoes with NBC’s “Blacklist”

Approached by NBC “to help emulate the gritty undertones” of the network’s hit drama Blacklist without revealing details of the show itself, MPC NY inserts a sweeping CG domino sequence into stark live footage shot in and above the Mojave Desert.

The process started with a 3D previz and six life-sized reference sculptures. Following the shoot, the MPC team composited the remaining hundreds of digital statues along with matte paintings and 3D particle effects for dust and atmospherics.

AGENCY/CLIENT: NBC Entertainment
President, NBC Entertainment Marketing and Digital: Len Fogge
EVP, On Air & Video Creative: Ron Hayes
SVP, Launch Creative & Original ProductionL: Dave Doré
Director: Kendall Bowlin
Editor: Steven Wagner

Production Company: Moving Parts

Executive Producer: Asher Edwards, Justin Brukman
Head of New Business/Producer: Camila De Biaggi
VFX Producer: Christos Mountzouros
VFX Supervisor: Gigi Ng
Lead 3D: Bill Dorais
Lead Animator: Graeme Revell
VFX Team: Jacob Fradkin, Vanessa Lee, Gregory Ecker, Justin Maynard, Michael Marsek, Emma Taylor, Shane Simpson, Craig Sylvester, Sohee Sohn, Carl Fong, Jonathan Mckee

Colorist: Adrian Seery

MUSIC and SOUND: Yessian Music
Sound Designer: Jeff Dittenber