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MPC: More “Unexpected” Critters for First Direct

Outsider directors Dom & Nic re-team with MPC for more fun with CG fauna (a frill-necked lizard and his tarsier housemate) in this follow up to last year’s brilliant “Platypus” spot for UK bank first direct.

MPC CG super Jon Park: “We created Little Frill from the best bits of the lizards we studied, giving him his own particular neck pattern and face shape. Our creatures are designed to look physically real, but creatively take on human characteristics in their mannerisms and movements.

“Little Frill spends all his time standing upright, which the lizard naturally wouldn’t do. The team manipulated his body to stand in a human position; referencing footage of comedian Seann Walsh holding a giant phone recorded during his voiceover. It then became a balancing act between human and lizard performances for the animators.

“Developing the tarsier’s groom proved to be a challenge, as their fur is dense in areas and sparse in others. Proprietary software Furtility was used to develop the slightly scraggly look. In addition, specific attention was paid to her iris and the way light and shadow reacts to the surface. Adding almost imperceptible movements of the pupil and eyelids completed the realism.”

Agency: JWT London

Director: Dom & Nic
Production Company: Outsider

Animation/VFX: MPC
VFX Producer: Dionne Archibald
CG Supervisor: Jon Park
VFX Supervisor: Adam Crocker
Grade: Jean-Clément Soret

Editor: Ed Cheeseman @ Final Cut
Sound: Gary Walker @ 750mph

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