Mr. Beaver Bakes Up a Sweet Christmas in Tonic DNA’s IGA Holiday Spot

Lead by directors Kun Chang and Fabien Fulchiron, Tonic DNA in Montreal re-teams with grocery retailer IGA and agency Sid Lee to conjure a grandfather’s magical story of Mr. Beaver and how he came to share his favorite holiday dessert.

Tonic DNA EP Stefanie Bitton: “IGA’s Christmas campaign is a Quebec tradition. We were thrilled to be brought back for a second time around after the success of last year’s spot ‘The Meatloaf’.

The Tonic DNA team also recruited the character modeling and rigging skills of Pedro Conti and his team at Flooul Animation in São Paulo and additional 3D character animation help from Nebula Studio in Lisbon.

Watch the making of video:

IGA Holiday ad 2023 Tonic DNA | STASH MAGAZINE

IGA Holiday ad 2023 Tonic DNA | STASH MAGAZINE

IGA Holiday ad 2023 Tonic DNA | STASH MAGAZINE

IGA Holiday ad 2023 Tonic DNA | STASH MAGAZINE

IGA Holiday ad 2023 Tonic DNA | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: IGA

Agency: Sid Lee

Prodcution: Tonic DNA
Director: Kun Chang, Fabien Fulchiron
Executive Producer: Stefanie Bitton
Senior Producer: Frédérique Parenteau
Project Manager: Stefen Lamontagne
Coordinator: Fanny Desseaux
Storyboard artist: David Goldstyn, Ana Eskildsen, Michelle McKelvey-Faucher
Editor: Marc-André Bourgoin, Nadim Chartouni
Concept Art: Pedro Conti, Lisandre Thériault-Brunet
Character Designer: Isabella Ceravolo, Michael Renaud
Environment Designer: Cindy Foucault, Phoebe Mao
CG Supervisor: Fabien Fulchiron
Matte Painting: Michael Renaud
Compositing Lead: Marc-André Bourgoin
Compositor: Marta Grasso, Marc-André Bourgoin
Environment Modeler: Fabien Fulchiron, Lisandre Thériault-Brunet, Ariane Ouimet
Texture & Lighting: Fabien Fulchiron, Lisandre Thériault-Brunet, Ariane Ouimet, Maxime Pelletier
Animation Supervisor: Wiley Townsend
Layout and Posing: Cindy Foucault
3D Animator: Cindy Foucault, Gabriel Fazzioni, Wiley Townsend
Motion Design: Alien Ma Alfonso
Colorist: Benoît Côté

Character design and development: Flooul Animation
Character Modeling: Pedro Conti, Gustavo Ramos, Lincoln Horita

Additional 3D Animation: Nebula Studio
Project Manager: Ana Fino
Animation Coordinator: Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Animators: Ahmed Adel, David Omair, Gabriel Garcia Poignet

Character Rigging: KippCase Rigging Studio

Music/sound design: Circonflex
Music: François-Pierre Lue, Olivier Girard, Paul-Étienne Côté
Sound Designer: Frédéric Laurier

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