Netflix “Untold Stories” Branding Package by Vucko

Toronto designer/director Andrew Vucko’s talent for stripped-down visual solutions ensures this show package for the Netflix series Untold Stories stays both upbeat and elegant.

Andrew Vucko: “The first two elements created for the package were the title sequences. In storytelling, all protagonists find themselves on a journey – they take a path often filled with twists, turns, and conflict. This inspired the motif seen throughout the entire package: the pathway.

“After exploring a number of font options for the Untold Stories wordmark, we used Domaine Display due to its human, elegant, optimistic qualities. This was also complimentary to their custom typeface, Netflix Sans.

“We also had to find a memorable way to encapsulate a journey for the symbol itself. The visual solution is simple and concise: the path and the hero become the mark.

“The package also included sets of title cards, which were framed as close-ups. This created a wide negative space, which in turn, maximized the legibility of the type.”


Client: Netflix

Production: Hornet

Design/Animation: Vucko
Director: Andrew Vucko
Producer: John Szebegyinszki
Designer: Stephen Kelleher, Alec Tear, Vini Nascimento, Nemanja Ivanovic, Steven Hollman, Daniel Luna, Andrew Vucko
Animator: Daniel Luna, Andrew Vucko, Zack Lovatt

Music/Sound Design: Ambrose Yu