ODD Tales “The Last Night” Trailer

Inspired mix of pixel art and atmosphere in this future-noir trailer for The Last Night, an intriguing game from indie developer ODD Tales and founder/director Tim Soret.

The trailer caused quite a stir this past summer at E3 2017 when it upstaged much higher budget releases then immediately stumbled into controversy caused by unfortunate tweets from Soret.

Publisher: Raw Fury
Developer: ODD Tales
Director: Tim Soret

One Response to “ODD Tales “The Last Night” Trailer”
  1. Jarntazecht says:

    Why “unfortunate” tweets? They seemed to promote the well-being of all people according to the article. Well, either way I’m SUPER interested in this game. How they produce such graphics is way over my head. Though if it’s an “adventure” game I might just watch a Longplay of it, though it seems more like an action game? We’ll just have to see.