Oddfellows: Airbnb “Love” and “Hospitality”

The design and animation crew at Oddfellows (San Francisco and Portland, OR) leverage their narrative skills in two Airbnb spots highlighting hosts who take hospitality to the next level by investing rental income back into their communities or going above and beyond to ensure their guests’ safety.

Client: Airbnb
Directed by: Oddfellows
Creative Direction: Colin Trenter
Art Direction: Kenesha Sneed
Producer: Jen Szeto
Design: Kenesha Sneed, Sarah Beth Hulver, Allen Laseter, Colin Trenter
Animation: Jordan Scott, Josh Parker, Chris Anderson, Stan Cameron, Kavan Magsoodi, Khylin Woodrow, Allen Laseter, Alec Cummings
Music: Sono Sanctus