ONESIZE: American Horror Story “Anthology”

The sixth season of FX Networks’ American Horror Story punches out of the hyper-crowded broadcast market with a startling intro sequence from Amsterdam 3D mavens ONESIZE.

Kasper Verweij, CD and partner at ONESIZE: “We have always been motivated by pushing the boundaries in visual communication and about uniting the experimental with the commercial. This film for American Horror Story takes our craft to a new level.

“One seamless camera move takes the viewer through the previous five seasons, ending on a question mark and the number six. The retracting camera move symbolizes retreat, running away from the action.”

Making of:

President of Marketing & Promotions: Stephanie Gibbons
EVP, On-Air Promotions: John Varvi
SVP, Design: Steve Viola
VP, On-Air Promotions: Carol Weiler
VP, Design: Amie Nguyen
Art Director, Design: Synderela Peng
Director of Production, Design: Dara Barton

Post production: Onesize (anthology Intro)
Executive producer: Pepijn Padberg
Creative / director: Kasper Verweij
Design & Animation: Chris Coopmans, Harm van Zon, Jeff Beukema, Johannes Mattson, Eric Groeneveld, Jasper Hesseling

Editorial: mOcean
Music (mash-up): String & Tins