Plastic Pollution Coalition A Love Letter to Plastic Nicolo Bianchino | STASH MAGAZINE

Plastic Pollution Coalition “A Love Letter to Plastic” by Nicolo Bianchino

Breaking off our relationship with single-use plastics won’t be easy but Brooklyn director/animator Nicolo Bianchino takes the first step in this heartfelt brand film for advocacy group Plastic Pollution Coalition. [Watch]

Life 1 Art Film Tendril | STASH MAGAZINE

“Life #1” Art Film and Digital Gallery by Tendril

From the team at Tendril in Toronto: “Simulated life: moving, expanding, regenerating. This collaborative artwork was first displayed in the immersive theatre of AOI/Shoyu’s gallery in the metaverse. [Watch]

Tears For Fears Break The Man Music Video WeWereMonkeys | STASH MAGAZINE

Tears For Fears “Break The Man” Music Video by WeWereMonkeys

WeWereMonkeys, aka the Montreal creative duo of Mihai Wilson and Marcella Moser, give a nod to Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher in their “maze-like world of concrete structures” built for Tears For Fears’ new single “Break The Man”. [Watch]

Motion Design School Frame by Frame Ninja Elias Velho | STASH MAGAZINE

Motion Design School “Frame by Frame Ninja” Promo by Elias Velho

Brazilian cel animator and motion designer Elias Velho lets loose in this punchy promo for his new online Motion Design School course Frame by Frame Ninja that promises to teach you “the hardcore way of animating, one drawing at a time.” [Watch]

Swatch Valentines Day 2022 Bark&Bite | STASH MAGAZINE

Swatch “Valentine’s Day 2022” by Bark&Bite

The latest in a series of vibrant work for Swatch from UK motion studio Bark&Bite hits an effervescent note for the Swiss pop-watch maker’s Valentine’s Day release. [Watch]

Japan Foundation Stage Beyond Borders by Device | STASH MAGAZINE

The Japan Foundation “Stage Beyond Borders” by Device

Working from designs by US designer/animator Louis Wes, Barcelona animation studio Device spins up a fluid showcase of Japanese performing arts for Stage Beyond Borders, a new initiative from The Japan Foundation. [Watch]

Wisher TV Series Main Titles Flatwhite Motion | STASH MAGAZINE

“Wisher” TV Series Main Titles by Flatwhite Motion

Flatwhite Motion, the design studio with offices in Sydney and Qingdao, China, sets the tone for the Chinese drama series “Wisher” with a beautifully lit CG sequence touching on themes of technology, manipulation, and fate. [Watch]

The Macallan M & M Black Tigrelab | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Macallan M & M Black” Reveal Film by Tigrelab

Tasty new CG work out of Tigrelab in Barcelona to introduce designer Fabien Baron’s striking M Black crystal decanter, crafted by Lalique and filled with what Macallan describes as a “deep and smoky” single malt whiskey. [Watch]

Stake The Takeover Augenblick Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Stake “The Takeover” Launch by Augenblick Studios

Brooklyn’s Augenblick Studios updates classic Fleischer Brothers style animation in stand-out work for online brokerage platform Stake produced thru agency Bear Meets Eagle on Fire and powered by the spoken word prowess of Black Chakra. [Watch]

Twitter NFT Profile Pix Run Kick Shout | STASH MAGAZINE

Run Kick Shout Helps Launch NFT Profile Pix for Twitter

No matter your take on the tidal wave of NFTs washing over civilization as we know it, this spot for Twitter’s new NFT profile pictures – with animation and VFX by Chicago studio Run Kick Shout – is pretty fun. [Watch]

Eternals End Titles Method Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

“Eternals” End Title Sequence by Method Studios

Marvel Studios’ Eternals, about immortal ancient aliens protecting Earth from the equally ancient Deviants, ends with this regal and mysterious sequence of vignettes led by CD’s John Likens and Wesley Ebelhar at Method Studios. [Watch]

Major Grom Plague Doctor Opening Titles Dobro | STASH MAGAZINE

“Major Grom: Plague Doctor” Opening Titles by Dobro

Over the course of two and a half soaring minutes, Moscow studio Dobro constructs an epic and atmospheric title sequence for Oleg Trofim’s feature film “Major Grom: Plague Doctor” based on the Bubble Studio comic book series. [Watch]

Tendril Big Bang Integral Time Only Hublot | STASH MAGAZINE

Tendril Launches the “Big Bang Integral Time Only” Collection for Hublot

Working closely with the team at Hublot, creative director Chris Bahry, director Joey Recoskie, and the crew at Tendril conjure an elemental launch film for the luxury watchmaker’s Big Bang Integral Time Only collection. [Watch]

SAES-Design-House-Nebula-Project-Jesus-Suarez | STASH MAGAZINE

SAES Design House “Nebula Project” by Jesus Suarez

A machine to help reduce the 46 million tons of household food wasted each year is obviously a great thing but how do you elevate this merger of vacuum pump, gas injection, and lithium batteries into an object beyond its technology? [Watch]