2023 TIAF Taichung International Animation Film Festival | STASH MAGAZINE

MixCode Take Flight for the 2023 Taichung International Animation Film Festival

Director Evan Chiu at MixCode in Taipei: “The 2023 Taichung International Animation Film Festival presents the work of creators from Taiwan and worldwide with ‘Between Light and Shadow’ as the curatorial theme. [Watch]

Samsung HMD Odyssey Aleksandr Smirnov The Ciners | STASH MAGAZINE

Aleksandr Smirnov Immerses You in Style for Samsung’s HMD Odyssey+ VR Headset

In this spec spot, director/CG artist Aleksandr Smirnov and the CG crew at The Ciners in London conjure an atmosphere of intrigue and envy by framing Samsung’s HMD Odyssey+ VR headset as an uber-fashionable must-have. [Watch]

Giant Ant and Rover To My Hooman | STASH MAGAZINE

Giant Ant Delivers an Adorable Message “To My Hooman” for Rover

Narrated by Rooster the dog, this quirky/adorable brand film animated by Vancouver storytellers Giant Ant anchors a surprisingly emotional new campaign from Seattle agency Little Hands of Stone (LHoS) for pet care platform Rover. [Watch]

Laundry Searches for Real Milk in a Sea of Imitators

With a flurry of animation styles (including 3D, 2D, cel, 8-bit, and photo-real CG) the Laundry crew pokes gentle fun at the ever-expanding torrent of milk imitators in the latest Got Milk? spot for the California Milk Processor Board. [Watch]

The Mill and The Sacred Egg for Topgolf Come Play Around | STASH MAGAZINE

In the Swing With The Mill and The Sacred Egg for Topgolf

The Mill rallies a massive team of VFX artists to replace 418 live-action heads with CG golf gloves in this swinging party helmed by Riff Raff Films’ directing duo The Sacred Egg for Topgolf and their electronic driving range game venues. [Watch]

Omer Hirsch Save Your Work Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Omer Hirsch Urges You to “Save Your Work” in New Short Film

Omer Hirsch, 3D motion designer in Toronto: “This is a personal project which reflects the most frustrating pain point of every creative process: working like crazy while time flies by, only to have a crash and realize you can’t remember the last time you hit Ctrl+s.” [Watch]

Hounds of Iron Naafiri League of Legends We are Royale | STASH MAGAZINE

We Are Royale Release the Hounds in New League of Legends Naafiri Cinematic

ECD Loren Judah and the design/animation team at We Are Royale (WAR) in LA stir 3D, cel, 2.5D, and machine learning into a two-minute maelstrom/origin story for the release of Naafiri, the latest League of Legends playable champion. [Watch]

Aardma Asa Lucander Theres a Big Bad Wolf Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Åsa Lucander Imagines “There’s a Big Bad Wolf” Close By for BBC’s Blue Peter

Aardman director Åsa Lucander, whose warm and approachable animation styles are on full display here and here, reteams with BBC’s venerable kids’ show Blue Peter, for a new short film about the power of childhood imagination. [Watch]

Parallel Beta Release Trailer Oscar Mar | STASH MAGAZINE

Parallel Reveals More of Its Universe With Beta Release Trailer

Following up last summer’s atmospheric teaser for his new sci-fi IP Parallel, Toronto designer/animator Oscar Mar just dropped us his first full trailer for the franchise that includes a trading card game, comics, and short films. [Watch]

Danish Lamp Product Film Atelier Ostal and Ugo Pignal | STASH MAGAZINE

Atelier Ostal Illuminate the “Danish Lamp” With Ugo Pignal

CG specialists Atelier Ostal in Toulouse, France, just landed on the Stash radar with their submission of this sleek and minimal spot produced in concert with Paris-based composer and sound designer Ugo Pignal. [Watch]

Hero Studios Musical Hallucinations short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Hero Studios Re-Imagine Radiolab’s Musical Hallucinations

New York creative content house Hero Studios and Barcelona animator/AD Germán Di Ciccio add visual insights to a Radiolab podcast “about music, memory, and what it means to be human” by exploring the phenomenon of musical hallucinations. [Watch]

Ledger Nano X CG product film by Magnane | STASH MAGAZINE

Magnane Elevates Ledger’s Nano X Hardware Wallet

Director/CD Benoit Challand at Magnane in Lyon, France: “We were invited to create the hero film and key visuals for the Nano X, one of the most popular products from Ledger, a trusted maker of hardware crypto wallets. [Watch]

Moonbirds Rise of the Mythics PROOF Collective Golden Wolf | STASH MAGAZINE

Golden Wolf Drops New Moonbirds “Rise of the Mythics” Promo for PROOF

ECD Ingi Erlingsson and the design/animation team at Golden Wolf wrangle a parliament of owls into a dramatic action/fantasy in their latest for Moonbirds, the 10,000-piece NFT collection of digital avatars created by PROOF. [Watch]

Brutal Shadow Arch Viz Short Film by Tigrelab | STASH MAGAZINE

Tigrelab Explore the Ambient Beauty of Brutalism in New Arch Viz Short Film

From the team at Tigrelab in Barcelona: “Brutal Shadow is an explorative CG short film where light and shadow take center stage to explore architectural form and atmosphere through 12 iconic brutalist buildings.” [Watch]