• Metro Exodus game Opening Titles by Elastic | STASH MAGAZINE

    Metro Exodus Main Titles by Elastic

    “Metro Exodus,” the third installment in 4A Games’ Metro video game series will release in February 2019 and open with this chilling title sequence sculpted by CD Andy Hall and the Elastic crew. [Read more]

Waterfall 1.49 Matthieu Braccini | STASH MAGAZINE

“Waterfall 1.49” by Matthieu Braccini

Paris art director and motion designer Matthieu Braccini pays his respects to M.C. Escher and the British father/son team of Lionel and Roger Penrose by extending their optical paradoxes into playful 3D animation. [Read more]

Otto animated Short film Job, Joris & Marieke | STASH MAGAZINE

“Otto” by Job, Joris & Marieke

“Otto,” the lovely new animated short from Oscar-nominated Dutch trio Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins, and Marieke Blaauw is a great way to end your Friday (or any day, really). [Read more]

John Lewis Waitrose Bohemian Rhapsody commercial VFX Dogal Wilson MPC Blink | STASH MAGAZINE

The Ultimate Staging of “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Rousing, heartwarming, and nostalgic all in one go, this brilliant take on Queen’s 1975 operatic hit “Bohemian Rhapsody” finds Blink director Dougal Wilson and the MPC VFX crew together again and bound for awards glory. [Read more]

Behind the Scenes with Victor Haegelin on “Captain 3D”

Join irrepressible French director Victor Haegelin as he reveals the stop-motion process and unlikely origin behind “Captain 3D,” his superhero adventure starring a girl, a monster, and a guy with no superpowers at all. [Read more]

Rone Mirapolis music video Aurelie Castex animation | STASH MAGAZINE

Rone “Mirapolis” Music Video by Aurélie Castex

French electronic producer/artist Rone (aka Erwan Castex) keeps it all in the family on the video for the title track from his new album “Mirapolis,” collaborating with his sister director/illustrator/designer Aurélie Castex. [Read more]

Closed Visit by Jade Evans animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Closed Visit” by Jade Evans

If you’ve experienced any side of the single-parent equation (as a child or parent), this quiet short film from London animator/illustrator Jade Evans will certainly resonate and possibly spring a tear or two. [Read more]

LSD THUNDERCLOUDS music video Ernest Desumbila Sauvage.TV | STASH MAGAZINE

LSD “Thunderclouds” by Ernest Desumbila

Spanish director Ernest Desumbila is back, turning his talent for in-your-face visuals to a dreamier tone in this gauzy music video for LSD (Labrinth, Sia, Diplo) with production and VFX by Sauvage.TV in Barcelona. [Read more]

H.R. Giger Kim Gryun animated short film titles | STASH MAGAZINE

Using H.R. Giger as a Muse

Kim Gryun, a designer/animator at GIANTSTEP in Seoul, South Korea, responded to the studio’s latest in-house DesignRelay motion study group theme of “H.R. Giger” with this carefully lit and richly detailed take on “Alien.” [Read more]