Parallel: Charles X “Can You Do It?”

Quentin Baillieux (half of French directing duo Parallel) crafts an intricate and intriguing mix of 3D and 2D in this music video for “Can You Do It?” from LA singer/songwriter Charles X – produced by Eddy and animated at Brunch Studio in Paris.

Parallel Charles X | STASH MAGAZINE

From Eddy: “This collaboration is intended to act as a social commentary which aims to cast light on perceived societal expectations and social norms by integrating elements and people from different walks of life to produce a striking animation.

Parallel Charles X | STASH MAGAZINE

“Quentin beautifully merges the typically highbrow sport of horse racing with the commonly misrepresented ‘mean streets’ of Pacoima, the proud birthplace of Charles X, to challenge any stereotypes or preconceptions of race and social class which may exist in modern-day society.

“Quentin successfully communicates Charles’ intended message via the lens of an artificial world; through his own very unique and distinct style of animation.”

Music: Redrum
Lyrics: Charles X

Director: Parallel (Quentin Baillieux)
Production: Eddy
Co-producers: Les Androids Associés (previz)
Executive Producer: Corry Van Rhijn
Producer: Julie Bellemare
Animation studio: Brunch
Post Production: Nightshift

Storyboard : Noé Lecombre
Character design : Wandrille Maunoury
Typography : Pierre-Alban Kientz
Modeling : David Arnould, Clement Lauricella, Valentin Samuel, Théo Dusapin
Set up : Adrien Gentil, Maxime Cozick

Animation 2D : Michael Bataille, Tristan Poulain, Amélie Maurice
Motion Design : Almir Nago
Animation 3D : Axel Digois, Aline Hananel, Johann Le Pouder,
Rendering : Candice Theuillon, Remi Julien, Mathieu Maurel, Jean-Charles Kerninon

Previs Artists : Les Androids Associés – Volcy Gallois-Montbrun, Tristan Laville, Guillaume Robert, Henri Zaitoun

Editor : Benjamin Massoubre
Color grading : Gabriel Porier
Color grading consultant : Luis Arteaga

Stagiaires développement : Arthur Chaumay, Leïla Courtillon

Thanks to : Nicolas de Rosanbo, Jean-François Bourrel, Mathieu Hue, Julien Desplanques, Nolwenn Hajo, Franck Duchene, Charles-Philippe Bowles, Celine Vanlint, Moses Yohannes, Raphaelle Tinland, Olivier Rigout, Laura Rouvellat, Nicolas Guibert.