Eddy signs animation director Clément Soulmagnon STASH MAGAZINE

Eddy Signs Animation Director Clément Soulmagnon

Clément Soulmagnon’s career started with a bang after the release of his college graduation film “Gary”. The film won numerous awards on the animation festival circuit and led Clément to found the animation collective “Flying V”. [Watch]

Eddy Maxime Bruneel Polaroid | STASH MAGAZINE

Maxime Bruneel Directs Cabadzi x Blier “Polaroid” (NSFW)

Today, Eddy releases Polaroid, a music video directed by Maxime Bruneel. The song is from the new
album Cabadzi x Blier born from the collaboration between artist Cabadzi and director Bertrand Blier. [Watch]

MPC Assassins Creed From Sand | STASH MAGAZINE

Assassin’s Creed: Origins “From Sand”

Director Rob Petrie of MPC Creative NY bathes ancient Egypt in deep twilight then dissolves it into shimmering grains of sand in this dreamlike pre-launch film for Assassin’s Creed: Origins. [Watch]

Parallel Charles X | STASH MAGAZINE

Parallel: Charles X “Can You Do It?”

Quentin Baillieux (half of French directing duo Parallel) crafts an intricate and intriguing mix of 3D and 2D in this music video for “Can You Do It?” from LA singer/songwriter Charles X – produced by Eddy and animated at Brunch Studio in Paris. [Watch]