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Plastic Horse: Crookers “Able To Maximize”

London animation collective Plastic Horse just dropped the first of four videos for Italian DJ/producer Francesco “Phra” Barbaglia’s Crookers project, a weird and wonderful dream-like adventure driven by the simple brief “to create a set of videos that were fucked-up”.

Plastic Horse: “Our main creative challenge was creating a narrative around the vocal samples embedded in the track. We also tried to incorporate various important things from Phra’s life, such as his watery near-death experience and love of cows and pizza.”

“Our main technical challenge was getting the right colour palette, it needed to be vivid and otherworldly – the track doesn’t hold back so the colours needed to do the same.

“The video was animated straight into photoshop and composited in After Effects. The video took approximately 3 weeks to complete from start to finish, starting with a very rough storyboard, then letting fate take us through to the end.”