Pleid St. Invites You Into the Vlisco Garden

Madrid CG design studio Pleid St. fashions a series of three intensely intricate brand films for venerable Dutch fabric company Vlisco, whose products have been inspired by Africa since 1846.

Pleid St. founder/director Juanma Mota: “The client’s astonishing designs full of colors and delightful details were the inspiration for the ‘Garden’, a special place where fabrics are in their natural habitat, floating and interacting with the environment. We are just observers of their beauty and majesty.

“The project is divided into three chapters:

“Chapter 1: Garden
Welcomes you to discover the wonderful and secret place where Vlisco fabrics live. The day is beginning and the creatures start to wake up.

“Chapter 2: Blossom
At mid-day, the garden starts blossoming before our eyes. A color explosion, thousand of flowers and the joyful Vlisco fabrics playing around. You can feel the energy.

“Chapter 3: Silver Sunset
At sunset, the garden transforms into metallic tones. It’s time to calm down and enjoy the view. Fabrics are in their most majestic pose.”

Pleid St Vlisco Garden | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: Vlisco

Agency: Pocko

Prodution: Pleid St.
Director: Pleid St.
Art Direction: Mota, Gonzo
Animation: Gonzo, Ruye, Gabriel Morala, Mota
Butterfly Rigging and animation: Leandro Beltran
Edit/Post: Mota
Project Coordinator: Noemí Álvarez

Music: Bruma