Get Ready for Pictoplasma Berlin 2018

On May 2, the Pictoplasma Festival returns to Berlin to celebrate the art and craft of character design – an electric and eclectic gathering of over 700 artists, illustrators, filmmakers, plus game, graphic, and product designers.

“Creators and producers gather for the central conference to hear 20 speakers and exchange strategies for figurative aesthetics, while the festival invites the public to immerse themselves in new trends and worlds.

Cutting-edge screenings bring the freshest animation to the big screen, a string of exhibitions throughout the city present outstanding works, while performances confront characters with audiences face to face.”

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Pictoplasma Berlin 2018 character design conference | STASH MAGAZINE

2018 Speakers:
Alberto Vázquez (SP)

Alex Norris (UK)

Benjamin Vedrenne (FR)

Cachetejack (SP)

Charlotte Mei (UK)

Danette Beatty (US)

Darren Dubicki/Aardman (UK)

Edel Rodriguez (US)

Encyclopedia Pictura (USA)

James Curran (UK)

Kévin Gemin (FR)

Ged Sia (LT)

Jim Stoten (UK)

Marika Makaroff (FIN)

Réka Bucsi (HU)

Smithe (MX)

Sophia Jansson (FIN)

Tartaruga Feliz (BR)

Victor Castillo (CL)

Alex Jenkins/Nexus Interactive Arts (UK)