ROOF Studio Digs Into Details of Character and Narrative in 4-H Brand Film

Working with the message “Making a difference is something you never outgrow”, directors Lucas Camargo, Guto Terni, and the detail-obsessed CG animation crew at ROOF craft a heartfelt story for US non-profit youth program 4-H.

Lucas Camargo and Guto Terni: “This story serves as a powerful testament to the enduring bonds of friendship, the spirit of volunteerism, and the profound influence of community engagement.

“The narrative required intense attention to detail in our renders, particularly with vegetation, to immerse the audience fully in the children’s world. Each environment, from the blooming garden to the leafy treehouse, played a crucial storytelling role. Character development was also key, as we aimed to convey the children’s evolving friendship, shared experiences, and their proud community contributions, capturing the essence of their journey.

“Our passion for details and strategic use of light infuses realism into every scene. This focused approach creates an immersive world, where sunlight not only enhances realism but also warmly illuminates the children’s journey, adding depth and symbolizing hope and unity.”
4-H Brand Film by ROOF Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

4-H Brand Film by ROOF Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

4-H Brand Film by ROOF Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

4-H Brand Film by ROOF Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

4-H Brand Film by ROOF Studio | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: 4-H

Production: ROOF
Director: Lucas Camargo, Guto Terni
CD: Lucas Camargo, Guto Terni, Vinicius Costa
AD: Lucas Camargo
EP: Fernanda Curi
Head producer: Marcio Lovato
Line producer: Patrizia Fanganiello
CGI TD: Heber Conde, Wallan Oliveira
Lead 3D: Alexandre Eschenbach
Storyboard: Paulo Crumbin, Estevão Chromiec
3D Layout: Lucas Ribeiro, Heber Conde
3D Modeler: Leo Rezende, Ricardo Viana, Tiago Mesquita, Geison Araujo, Gabriel Oliveira, Danilo Gerard, Lucas Lira, Leandro Wagner, Thales Simonato, Alehandro Franca
RiggerL Danilo Pinheiro
Lookdev/lighting artist: Claudio Jr, Marcelo Vaz, Thales Simonato, Gean Carlos, Henrique Tomé, Milton dias, Pedro Henrique Placido, William Silva, Tiago Mesquita, Thales Simonato, Julio Bonfante
Groomer: Lucas Amaral
Animation supervisor: Francisco Catão
Animation team: Rodrigo Dutra, Marcio Kakuno, Gabriel Carmo, Matheus Caetano, Fernando Donizetti, Jeffry Syahputra Wy, Lucas Degani, Leonardo Paul, Gustavo Bertozzi
VFX: Heber Conde, Mindblown Lab
Compositor: Jorge Pereira

Music/Sound Design: Combustion Studio / Marcelo Baldin