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Behind the Scenes: 2015 Semi-Permanent Titles

Emmy Award-winning Melbourne designer Raoul Marks, most often found working with the Elastic crew and Patrick Clair, steps out on his own to create both the visuals and the audio to open the 2015 Semi-Permanent design conference with a sweeping and surreal film.

Raoul Marks about the BTS clip: “This video has been rather hastily put together, and as by way of apology i’d like to share the full high resolution model and textures of the Astronaut from these titles. Heres the Link: dropbox.com/s/sqq1niss9xy04j4/ASTRONAUT.zip?dl=0. Theres and FBX and two C4D files, one for Octane and one adapted for C4D native render.”

Watch the finished titles:

Designed and Produced by Raoul Marks
Titles kindly supported by Maxon
Iceland photography kindly provided by Jake Sergeant
Music and SFX arranged by Raoul Marks
Additional artwork by Stanley Donwood & Noah Taylor
BTS song: Moderat – A new error

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