Behind the Scenes on BBC “The Supporting Act”

Take a look at the love and obsessive attention to detail that went into the BBC One Christmas Film 2017 created by director Elliot Dear and the Blinkink crew – a painstaking combination of practical sets, stop motion puppets, and CG animation.

From Blinkink: “The characters were animated using stop-motion but the facial expressions were created and mapped on the puppets using CGI.

“The dance routine was choreographed first in live action and then an expert team of Blinkink animators recreated the moves one frame at a time.”

Watch the finished spot:

BBC Creative
Executive Creative Director: Aidan McClure, Laurent Simon
Creative: Amar Marwaha, Arvid Harnqvist
Producer: Ken Rodrigues
Project Manager: Astrid Reiner
Production Manager: Jenny Broad
BBC One Marketing
Portfolio Head of Marketing: Kerry Moss
Marketing Manager: Harriet Gunning
Marketing Executive: Claire Grainger

Production: Blinkink
Director: Elliot Dear
Executive Producer: Bart Yates
Senior Producer: Benjamin Lole
Production Manager: Alex Holberton