Natural Chips and Ecological Gambling short film by Weiye | STASH MAGAZINE

Ajiao Weiye Drops New Short Film “Natural Chips and Ecological Gambling”

Chinese director and CG artist Ajiao Weiye, who hit the Stash radar last summer with this outstanding title sequence, calls out the irresponsibility of gambling with the Earth’s environment in this dramatic new CG short film. [Watch]

Black and White Symphony Ajiao Weiye Yeio Yangfei | STASH MAGAZINE

“Black and White Symphony” Titles by Ajiao Weiye and Yeio Yangfei

Director and CG artist Ajiao Weiye: “This is a film I thought about together with my good friend Yeio Yangfei during the Chinese New Year this year. We strive to set up a project on a topic we like every year to relieve the pressure of daily work and fulfill our creative desires.