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Gergely Wootsch and Terry Jones Celebrate Magna Carta

Everything you ever wanted to know about the seminal English charter of 1215 called Magna Carta in two short, entertaining and nicely crafted animated clips by Beakus director/designer Gergely Wootsch with the VO talents of Monty Python’s Terry Jones. [Read more]

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Beakus Signs Spin Kick Bros

Fun new UK directing collective Spin Kick Bros (Tom Gran and Martin Woolley) and their manic cartoon talents join the roster at London prodco Beakus. [Read more]

Beakus Doug Hindson | STASH MAGAZINE

Doug Hindson Joins the Beakus Animation Roster

London animation prodco Beakus just signed director Doug Hindson fresh out of Kingston University’s animation and illustration program on the strength of his short films and recognition by the D&AD. [Read more]

Jack Morton Celebrates 75 with 14

To mark 75 years in the agency business, the Jack Morton crew invited 14 motion studios and artists to collaborate on this snappy self-congratulatory opus by having each one visualize a line from the script.

And just who were these esteemed studios and artists? Glad you asked: The talent includes Shotopop, Onesize, Cake, PlusOne, Tavo Studio, Thomas Valente, Beakus, Uli Henrik Streckenbach, Bliink, Jacques Parys, Cumi, Toxic, Fred & Eric, Floris+Menno with Box of Toys bringing the audio and sound design. [Read more]