Stash 133 preview trailer | STASH MAGAZINE
Influence Film Club explainer Beakus | STASH MAGAZINE

Influence Film Club by Amaël Isnard and Beakus

Strong design and illustration from Beakus director Amaël Isnard elevates this explainer for the Influence Film Club, an online platform based in Sweden inspiring “more people to watch documentary films and have meaningful conversations about them.” [Watch]

Love Nest Remus & Kiki animated short film Beakus | STASH MAGAZINE

Welcome to Remus & Kiki’s “Love Nest”

If you’ve shared cramped quarters as a couple, you’ll appreciate this autobiographical peek into the tumultuous student days of Remus Buznea and Kyriaki Kyriakou, aka UK directing duo Remus & Kiki. [Watch]

Beakus Stockler_John Hairy Frog | STASH MAGAZINE

Luiz Stockler Introduces “John the Hairy Frog”

Beakus director/animator Luiz Stockler’s latest personal project features the humble and hand-drawn adventures of John, an auto-tuned hairy frog (aka Trichobatrachus robustus) an amphibian from Central Africa who sleeps with his socks on. [Watch]

Royal Observatory "Seeing the Invisible" | STASH MAGAZINE

Amaël Isnard: Royal Observatory “Seeing the Invisible”

The standout in a series of three films created by Beakus director Amaël Isnard for the Royal Observatory Greenwich in London, “Seeing the Invisible” is a master class in how to make educational content entertaining, digestible and therefore memorable. [Watch]

Beakus David Pocull Luiz Stockler | STASH MAGAZINE

Beakus Signs Animation Directors David Pocull and Luiz Stockler

From the release: Beakus is feeling pretty lucky right now – we went looking for new talent and not one, but two super-human animation directors came our way, so we signed them both! So I’d like to introduce you to David Pocull and Luiz Stockler. David Pocull Barcelona-based animator Pocull is a seasoned pro, having […] [Watch]