Hublot Unico Lifestyle by FutureDeluxe | STASH MAGAZINE

FutureDeluxe Plays With Time and Movement for Hublot

Leaning away from the stark beauty of the ongoing CG luxury watch wars, the motion team at FutureDeluxe frames the mechanical precision of Hublot’s Unico movement in time-warped and fashion-forward live-action. [Watch]

Curtis Baigent Matthias Winkelmann join ZEITGUISED foam Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Curtis Baigent and Matthias Winckelmann Join ZEITGUISED’s foam Studio as Co-founders

ManvsMachine London Creative Director Curtis Baigent and Head of 3D Matthias Winckelmann join ZEITGUISED’s foam Studio, as co-founders alongside Henrik Mauler and Helge Kiehl [Watch]