DIGIC_Witcher 3 Wild Hunt | STASH MAGAZINE

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt “A Night to Remember” from DIGIC

Moments like the one seen above, found in the teaser called “A Night to Remember” for CD PROJEKT’s long-anticipated game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is why we rank Budapest’s DIGIC Pictures as one of the top three game cinematic studios on the planet. [Read more]

Digic_Call of Duty | STASH MAGAZINE

Digic Offers Glimpses of the Hyper-real

I measure the art and science of cinematic 3D realism by the number of times the work convinces my brain to let go of the fact I’m watching a digital image. The most convincing I’ve seen to date (and one of the longest) is this 21-minute feast of CG intensity and sleek motion design courtesy of Digic Pictures [Read more]

Digic Assassin's Creed Unity | STASH MAGAZINE

The Frontiers of 3D: Blur vs Digic

Reviewing the best trailers from last month’s E3 event reminded me of a quiet but important rivalry between two studios hammering on the boundaries of 3D filmmaking: Blur Studios in Los Angeles and Digic Pictures in Budapest, Hungary. Both studios take commissions for commercials and other genres of [Read more]