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“Final_Final” by Matt Greenwood

Matt Greenwood, animator, motion designer, and creative director at Nice Shoes in Toronto on his new personal project debuted at Pictoplasma 2018: “I made Final_Final with no script or planning. Each day I picked up where I left off and it evolved into a cast of shiny characters.” [Read more]

Greenwood Elements of Design | STASH MAGAZINE

Matt Greenwood: “Elements of Design” Interview

Toronto motion veteran Matt Greenwood recently published his personal homage to design, “because even though I have been working as a designer for many years, I still love the process.”

STASH: After carefully laying out the elements of design you end with the advice to “just move things around until they feel right.” Was this intentionally contradictory or cheeky?

Matt Greenwood: The line “Just move things around until it feels right” (with a subtle emphasis on “feels”) was intended to suggest that learning the rules is important, but for me at least, using intuition is essential. I also wanted to hint at breaking these rules shouldn’t be off the table.

It may come across as dismissive, but it was intended to be more of a encouragement to not get caught up worrying if the established formula is correct, because I think visual aesthetics can be subjective. [Read more]

Artist: Matt GreenwoodStudio: TantrumWebsites: / Backstory from Greenwood: “CIBC wanted to promote their new Visa Aerogold card by targeting people traveling via airplane. The commercials would play in airports and on small screens on the back of airline seats. Since the spots would not contain audio and they were to be played in […] [Read more]

Artist: Matt GreenwoodStudio: TantrumWebsites: / From Greenwood: “I developed these style frames for a Ford campaign while I was at Tantrum design. The agency provided a few key supers and wanted to feature the cars driving in a city at night. Having previously worked with Ford, I was familiar with their openness to […] [Read more]