Anthem Conviction game trailer by Neill Blomkamp | STASH MAGAZINE

Anthem “Conviction” Trailer by Neill Blomkamp

Anthem, BioWare’s new multiplayer action role-playing game, has had a rough rollout so far but the company and their publishing partners Electronic Arts are betting director Neill Blomkamp can help reset perceptions with this spectacular VFX-laced trailer. [Read more]

Neill Blomkamp_Kapture Fluke | STASH MAGAZINE

Welcome to Kapture Technologies

Oats Studios (Neill Blomkamp’s new experimental filmmaking venture) just released “Kapture: Fluke,” an all-CG short with the look and feel of a 2010 game cinematic powered by what Blomkamp calls “a very macabre sense of humor.” [Read more]

Image Engine_Chappie | STASH MAGAZINE

Image Engine Brings “Chappie” to Life for Neill Blomkamp

Vancouver’s Image Engine handles the majority of the VFX work in Neill Blomkamp’s new robot-coming-of-age feature called “Chappie” featuring an exceptionally emotive CG hero plus the genius casting choice of the decade: Yo-Landi and Ninja from Die Antwoord as the criminals who abduct him.
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