Rodrigo Sousa Teases Horror Mini Series Playground | STASH MAGAZINE

Rodrigo Sousa Teases Horror Mini-Series “Playground”

Director/animator/illustrator Rodrigo Goulão de Sousa, who co-directed this bitter-sweet grad film at Gobelins in 2021, just dropped a very intriguing trailer for a nightmarish animated series called Playground. [Watch]

Chroniques de Leau Salee GOBELINS Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Chroniques de L’eau Salée” GOBELINS 2021 Graduation Short Film

A bitter-sweet tale of leaving and family, this animated short from five 2021 Gobelins animation grads was inspired by the work of Japanese artists, including manga master Matsumoto Taiyó, illustrator Taniucho Rokuró, and filmmaker Yuasa Masaaki. [Watch]

Tokyo Apocalypse Annecy for Goblins | STASH MAGAZINE

Just Another Tokusatsu Day in Tokyo

If you’ve ever wondered how ordinary Japanese citizens deal with the constant barrage of Tokusatsu monsters battling it out in their cities, Six Gobelins students finally reveal the answer in “Tokyo Apocalypse”. [Watch]