The 58th Golden Horse Awards Opening Film and Nominations Design

From the team at Bito in Taipei, Taiwan: “The Golden Horse 58 Awards Ceremony, from the concept of refocusing this year’s theme, kicked off the Golden Horse Awards with a blockbuster film.

“In the video, we can see that we have used the principle of “experimental creation” to construct the worldview behind the three Golden Horse main visuals in detail.

“The image presents a process from blurring to concrete and focusing. Interlacing the world of realism and illusion, presenting it from the perspective of micro and macro, telling that under the focus, all things operate like organisms.”

“Prologue” (above)
“Nominations” (below)

Watch the making-of video:

Client: Golden Horse Film Festival TGHFF

Production: Bito
Visual and Creative Director: Liu Gengming
Art Director: Shao Weihao
Project Manager: Chen Minhui
Account Manager: Peng Naiyun
Script: Liu Gengming, Shao Weihao
Editing: Shao Weihao
Animation design: Shao Weihao, Liang Ruojia, Gao Qinghe, Zhan Youcheng

Music/Sound Effects: Han Chengye
Mix: Cai Hansheng

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