TobaccoFreeCA “Tell Your Story” by Robertino Zambrano

Nexus director Robertino Zambrano turns the experiences of three smokers struggling to quit into engaging animated mini-docs for the California Department of Public Health’s Tobacco Control Program thru agency Duncan Channon.

Robertino Zambrano: “I was attracted to this work because of its commitment to evocative storytelling. This wasn’t a simple animation piece, there was a documentary layer to it.

“We met, interviewed, and got to know people from different walks of life with unique journeys of quitting. I reveled in the opportunity to present their journeys and voices in a creative, yet authentic way.”

Nexus: “After conducting hours of interviews with over 100 real smokers, Robertino created a bespoke animated aesthetic for Ryan, Steven, and George, representing the authentic voice and personality of their journeys.

“For Steven’s film, Robertino and the team created a cut-out graphic/collage-like approach, inspired by Suprematist art, while George’s story came to life using traditional 2D animation and elegant, figurative yet minimal design. Finally, for Ryan’s experience, a painterly 2D puppet approach was taken, rich with layering and texture.”




Client: CA Tobacco Control Program

Agency: Duncan Channon

Production: Nexus Studios
Director: Robertino Zambrano

Music/sound: Adam Alexander @ Bamm Bamm Wolfgang