UNICEF: “Nepal Call to Action”

Buck LA art director Joe Donaldson teams with audio mavens Antfood to answer UNICEF’s call for a short, shareable animation to bring awareness to the conditions faced by victims of the recent earthquakes in Nepal.

Joe Donaldson: “Given the nature of this ongoing crisis, time was not on our side. I researched, wrote, directed, designed and animated this film in two weeks to meet the one-month anniversary of the first earthquake in Nepal.

“Given the limitations, I really wanted to embrace exposing the seams and focus on this being more of a tonal piece. While making the film I had three main goals: I wanted it to feel human, to inform people of the ongoing crisis and, most importantly, how they can help.”

Give to the UNICEF Nepal relief effort here.

Visuals: Joe Donalson
Audio: Antfood
Special Thanks: Jake Armstrong