VIZIO “P-Series X Quantum” by Tendril

From Tendril: “Our goal was to define a visual thread for each of the films that could be used as a transition device to and from a series of gorgeous product renderings and artful technical demos.

“The minimal environments were designed to echo the material quality and palettes of each of the devices.

“In the case of PX Quantum, we found the inspiration we were looking for in the underlying technology. The panels contain billions of nanometre size semiconductor particles called quantum dots that have some very interesting optical and electronic properties.

“We imagined these particles activated and illuminated by light, congealing and swirling together to form images on the surface of the display.”

Watch the process reel:

Client: VIZIO

Creative Directors: Justin Meredith, Rich Scurry, Will Hartman
Producer: Heidi Zadok

Production: Tendril
Creative Director: Chris Bahry
Director/Art Director: Vitaly Grossmann
Executive Producer: Ashley Monaghan
Co-Producers: Ryan MacLean, John Szebegyinszki
Coordinator: Brittany Sheahan
Design & Animation: Vitaly Grossmann, Rich Nosworthy, Jeff Briant, Philipp Pavlov
FX & Simulations: Phillip Pavlov, Rich Nosworthy
Lighting & Render: Jeff Briant, Vitaly Grossmann
Compositing: Chris Bahry

Sound Design & Music: ZENTHING

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